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Prox PRD | Stop Forgetting & Leaving Your Phone at Home, Work, Restaurant, Car … Anywhere | Bluetooth Anti-Loss Phone Reminder Separation Alert | No App, No Tracking | + Bonus Selfie Clicker Feature

☑️ALERTS BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY WITHOUT YOUR PHONE: Typical alert distance ranges can vary greatly (50ft to 150ft) and may be shorter (w/obstructions) or farther when outdoors. Leaving your phone behind can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly! Get a phone reminder alert BEFORE you drive away without your phone. (Phone not included).

☑️PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – NO APP REQUIRED & NO TRACKING (100% PRIVACY): The only device with this technology. No Sign-Up, No Registration, No Subscription, No “Location Services” used to invade your privacy and drain your phone’s battery. No data is collected or sold.

☑️PATENTED & PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY – ONLY ALERTS WHEN PRD IS MOVING: The only device with this technology. It’s Advanced Alert Technology eliminates unwanted false alerts, day or night. Navigates airplane mode seamlessly and no false alerts in the middle of the night, even during OS updates.

☑️REAL WORLD LIMITATIONS: A) Since there is no tracking app, the PRD can’t ping the phone; B) The PRD is purposely NOT designed to alert you at very short distances such as ten (10) feet which can be annoying when walking around a room; C) Alert distances can differ considerably because Bluetooth signal strength varies based on your surroundings. (Default setting has been extensively tested to alert before leaving your phone behind in places like home/office/car/restaurant/store/hotel etc.)

☑️PAIR TO YOUR PHONE & TEST ALERT DISTANCE: Bluetooth pair to your phone and wait 30 seconds. Test by leaving phone and walking to your car with the PRD. It should alert before driving off. Try default settings for a few days before adjusting.

​☑️INSTRUCTIONS ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE | QUESTIONS OR NEED ASSISTANCE?… don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help! The back of the PRD has abbreviated reminder instructions, and the PRD packaging has Quick Start instructions. The User Manual and Trouble Shooting Guide are provided in this listing with links below. Prox Devices support information is on every box.

​☑️COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH SMART PHONES: Apple iPhones (iOS); Samsung & Google Pixel (Android)

☑️BONUS REMOTE SELFIE CLICKER: Use as a shutter button control for your phone’s camera (photos and videos). Two clicks will automatically trigger the phone’s camera app shutter, or two clicks will start (and stop) video recording on your phone.

☑️UP TO 1-YEAR BATTERY LIFE – EASILY REPLACEABLE – THE CR2032 BATTERY IS PREINSTALLED: Designed to be kept on 24/7. When the battery is low, the PRD will chirp every two seconds upon movement of the device until it is turned off. It cannot be turned back on until the battery is replaced.

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