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Take A Look Into WheeIn’s Cell Phone *She Was NERVOUS* | Read Receipts | Seventeen

Superlatives Challenge:
17 Questions:
Review Receipts:
Message It or Ghost It:
Besties on Besties:
Vs. Now:
What’s Cooking?
Bestie Picks Bae:
Seventeen Firsts:
Bullet Journaling w/ Noelle:


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#WheeIn is take on sufficient to take a seat with #Seventeen to play a video game of #ReadReciepts. She has to address some quite humiliating inquiries, or we obtain a peek right into Wheein’s cellular phone. Enjoy along to see if WheeIn will Reply ✅ or Ignore ❌ our juiciest concerns.

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Pay attention to Whee In’s cd “WHEE” HERE:

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