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The End Of The Smartphone Is Near

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The smartphone is just over 15 years old, and 70% of people on the planet own one. But there’s reason to believe their days are numbered. Where do smartphones go from here? And what new technologies might take its place? There are a couple of directions this could go. From mixed reality headsets and glasses to AI assistants, the smartphone as we know it is about to change.

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History Of The Cell Phone (1973 to 2024)

A (mostly) quick history of smartphones

Every Apple iPhone from 2007 onwards vs its top rival – which is the best each year?
Varjo VR-3- VR Headset for Professionals and Enterprise

Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, raises another $100M

0:00 – We’ve Reached Peak Smartphone
2:24 – The End of the Smartphone
4:49 – Where Do We Go From Here?
7:17 – Deeper Into The Immersion
12:05 – AI Pin
17:58 – Joe Contradicts The Entire Point Of His Video
19:10 – Sponsor – Henson Shaving