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Top 10 School Supplies

Top 10 School Supplies

Pencils. Everyone needs pencils with a good eraser. When it comes to school supplies, the best type of pencil to have are the ones with refillable lead. This saves repeated trips to the pencil sharpener and is less likely to cause disruption in the classroom.

Pens. One of the most important things to have is a good writing pen. Even though most teachers prefer that work be done in pencil, there are always plenty of uses for pens. Blue and black ink are the most common among school supplies.

Ruled Notebooks. If possible, a separate notebook should be kept for each subject. This will help students to remain organized and will keep their school supplies in order.

Binder. Commonly used to hold loose paperwork and files, a binder usually has three metal rings that snap together with a loud click. This allows the student to know that his/her papers are secure and is a must-have when it comes to school supplies.

Pocket Calendar. A calendar is essential for every student for a variety of reasons. From something as simple as dating a test paper to keeping track of upcoming exams and homework deadlines, a pocket calendar is one of the most underrated school supplies in existence.

Cellular Phone. Though not to be used during class or in such a way that would be disruptive to learning, a cellular phone is an essential tool that every student should have in the way of school supplies. It is a smart student who always has a connection to the outside world for many reasons, including incase of an emergency or just to serve as a way of being able to be in constant contact with family.

Calculator. This device is among the most common of school supplies and is often used in math and accounting classes. While some educators do not allow them, others encourage their use in the classroom.

Highlighters. In order for a student to outline specific and important information, highlighters are often used. The most popular color is yellow and these handy little pens are commonly available at any retail store.

Folders. A folder is a terrific way to house test papers and loose homework assignments.

Permanent Marker. From time to time, students are required to write their name on computer disks, which must remain at school while not in use, or text books. A permanent marker is popular among school supplies and is a wonderful way to make sure that a name is not removed and will help an item to be easily identified should it ever become lost or stolen.